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Naturally Simple 简单 。绿色 。生活

Our philosophy is to achieve a healthy and green life with a simple lifestyle.

We started making soap for our family and friends in the year 2011and we have been invited to many organizations' recreation clubs, schools, families, societies, and many more for soap classes & lectures. The main purpose is to convey positive messages and make more people aware of the threats faced by modern daily life, the so-called 'poison' in the bottle.

There are more and more people with a skin problems, e.g. sensitive skin and they have constantly looking for doctors to prescribe prescriptions, but they are not aware that they can actually reduce the sensitivity themselves, i.e. simply simplify the ingredients in the washing or skincare product and you may reduce this sensitivity reaction. 

Besides our own handcrafted soaps, we have also brought in the world's most natural cleaning Agent called Soapnut and the world's most healthier oil 'Virgin Coconut Oil' into our family.

We hope to promote a simple and green living and let's Love yourself and Love the Earth (皂顾自己,皂顾地球)。

Our new brand product; GOL D' sweets and snacks officially launched now. All there are 100% handmade.

Thank you to everyone who support us and share our idea.

Crystal and Swee Ling


+6012 601 8677 , +6012 2389919


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