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Drop a drop into the eye, nose, ears and mouth when needed.

Anti inflamation.

Dr Ros Multi Drop (15ml)

  • Special Instruction:

    1) Eyes (Glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, presbyopia, myopia, conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), eyelid inflammation ( blepharitis), floaters. Instruction: Drop a drop into left & right eyes twice a day. Close your eyes and open again after you feel comfortable. Effects: Anti-inflammatory, reducing pain. Discharge eye mucus. Notes: If there is a lot of mucus produced the next day, it was a normal reaction.Avoid using a computer and a mobile phone for a long hours.

    2) Headache Instruction : Drop a drop into left & right eyes, close your eyes and turn right and turn left three time, open your eye when you feel comfortable. Effects : Headache pain at the temples can due to eye tiredness. The symptoms of this type of headache are more intense when working long hours in front of the computer screen or when you read for a long time. This will raises the pressure inside the eye. In more detail the pressure will cause more serious in myopia, astigmatism, hyperopic, glaucoma and presbyopia. So the simple way to release eye tiredness is let the eye rest. If our eyes are exposed to dust all the time, it may cause eye irritation or red eye.

    3 ) Ear Instruction : Drop 2-3 drops into both ears.

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