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             For uneven and dull complexion


Osmanthus / 桂花皂

SKU: BS014
RM23.00 Regular Price
RM18.40Sale Price
  • For uneven skin complexion, choose Osmanthus soap. Osmanthus controls inhibit melanin in the skin and together with geranium, it helps to improve blood circulations improve uneven complexion and tighten open pores. 

    桂花能抑制黑色素的形成,配合能促进血液循环的天竺葵,不仅能让肤色更均衡,还能收敛粗大的毛孔。 绵密的泡沫,不仅滋润,淡淡的桂花香味让人感觉舒服无比。

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