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            Simple ingredient, deep cleansing that you can use it from head-to-toe


Sailor Soap - Original [SIMPLE] / 水手皂 - 原始

SKU: BS016.1
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  • Simple ingredient, also known as most natural and original soap, made from only Virgin Coconut Oil. It is unscented, pure, and yet produce rich lather as compare to ordinary soap. Deep cleansing that you can use it from head-to-toe.

    简单的材料, 也是最原始的肥皂,只用纯椰子油制成的肥皂, 浓厚的泡沫比一般的肥皂多,是唯一能在海水起泡的肥皂。就算简单快速的洗澡过程,也能洗净深层的肌肤。它还是一块能让你从头洗到脚的肥皂。


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