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             Give your skin a natural bath with soy oatmeal.


Chamomile Soap (set of 6pcs) /洋甘菊皂 (6片装)

SKU: BS005.6
  • The properties of anti-anxiety in Chamomile helps to soothe irritated skin, calming down inflamation. Its antibacterial properties also help to fight acne and blackheads, lightening and brightening up your complexion hence, giving you a bright and healthy growing skin./

    洋甘菊含钙、镁、铁多种矿物质 ;配合乳油木果子入皂,能去除暗疮、疮疤、刀伤、烫伤或 皮疹;也能舒缓肌肉酸痛,抵抗焦虑,是块优质皂。

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